0.1041% hourly
2.5% daily
  • min 0.00100000 BTC max 3 BTC
  • period: forever
  • principal out at anytime
0.1166% hourly
2.8% daily
  • min 3.00000001 BTC max 10 BTC
  • period: forever
  • principal out at anytime
0.1250% hourly
3.0% daily
  • min 10.00000001 BTC max 25 BTC
  • period: forever
  • principal out at anytime
0.1458% hourly
3.5% daily
  • min 25.00000001 BTC max 50 BTC
  • period: forever
  • principal out at anytime
0.2083% hourly
5.0% daily
  • min 50.00000001 BTC max unlimited
  • period: forever
  • principal out at anytime

Risk Free Investments

By Mining Experts
1 = 10.000$
About Artizkr Investments

Artizkr Investments offers investors from around the world favorable conditions to earn in the market of private crypto currency exchange and trading. Our professional team of traders is ready around the clock to provide you a steady income that will accrue hourly with possibility to withdraw! Moreover, given our investment terms, you can define yourself about the term cooperation with the company and get back your deposit at any time!

The company only works with reliable exchanges that minimize risk and eliminate the possibility of loss. The company's investors are not dependent on the results of our financial performance, you consistently get the promised benefits every hour!

Why Artizkr Investments?
Years of trading experience and a lack of risk
We are working for a long time to understand the features of trade and avoid all risks.
Fully automatic investment platform
All operations from deposit making to profit withdrawals are made in automatic mode.
Return of your investments at any time
From now you are able to decide how long will be continue cooperation with the company.
Protection of investments and information
The company uses an automatic platform with maximum protection against outside influences.