1 = 10.000$

Investment solution

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For those investors who value their time and prefer steady hourly earnings, Artizkr Investments provides the best investment strategy, where your income will only depend on the size of your investment.

Your hourly accruals will be progressive: the greater amount of your deposit, the higher rate will have your profit. To start cooperation you should have at least 0.001 Bitcoin in your wallet and you are able not to limit total size of your investments. Company investors can make deposit of any amount, they also can have as many deposits as they need: each deposit will have its own terms of income depending on amount and the proper time of accrual of profits as well.

Investment solution
0.1041% hourly
2.5% daily
  • min 0.001000000 BTC max 3 BTC
  • period: forever
  • principal out at anytime
0.1166% hourly
2.8% daily
  • min 3.00000001 BTC max 10 BTC
  • period: forever
  • principal out at anytime
0.1250% hourly
3.0% daily
  • min 10.00000001 BTC max 25 BTC
  • period: forever
  • principal out at anytime
0.1458% hourly
3.5% daily
  • min 25.00000001 BTC max 50 BTC
  • period: forever
  • principal out at anytime
0.2083% hourly
5.0% daily
  • min 50.00000001 BTC max unlimited
  • period: forever
  • principal out at anytime

Your first and all further income will be accrued to account balance at an interval of 60 minutes after your deposit was added. As soon as your balance becomes positive, you can make a request for withdrawal of profits. All your requests are processed instantly and the payment is automatically sent to your Bitcoin wallet specified in account settings.

The minimum amount you can withdraw is 0.0001Bitcoin.

Investment terms of Artizkr Investments provide 24/7 work which means that you earn every hour for 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

All your deposits are perpetual; you can invest just one time to make a profit on a consistent basis. However, if you need to get your principal amount back, you can do it after full 24 hours since the addition of your deposit using [release] function in your account. Without any additional fees!