1 = 10.000$

Affiliate Program

how it works

Do you want to earn extra money with Artizkr Investments? The company will help you to maximize personal income through the use of affiliate tools. Just sign up to receive a unique referral link, using of which will bring you 5% of deposits of all your referrals.

Besides, in your personal account you will find attractive animated banners that can be used anywhere: on investment forums, websites or personal blogs. The wider audience of these resources, the more likely increasing in the number of your referrals and consequently your income!

Company affiliate program has only one level. This means that you get rewarded from only your direct referrals after they invest.

Affiliate commission can be withdrawn to your Bitcoin wallet in the same way as regular income, provided that this amount is greater than 0.0001 Bitcoin.

Typically, many of our partners ask about the possibility of registering their relatives using referral link on the same computer and same IP address. Yes, no problems. We are sympathetic to your work and will help to maximize your earnings!